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ADVANCEMENT OF WOMEN, In Persian (HB) تا دو بال متساوی نگردد

The equality of women and men is one of the basic tenets of the Bahá’í Faith.

Bahá'í pilgrimage- Persian

More than simply a photographic souvenir, it takes the reader on a guided pictorial journey

Dark Side of the Mood, A Journey through Bipolar Disorder to Recovery

a series of evocative vignettes, experiences with bipolar disorder and her heart-wrenching relationship with what she calls the Nothingness

ETHICS, A Quest for a Psychological Theory– In the Light of Bahá’í Scripture.

A research into the root of morality in the Psyche, using data proceeding from the Bahá’í Scriptures.

Gardens of the Spirit

The history of the Gardens at the Bahá'í Holy Places in Haifa and ‘Akká with lots of old and recent photos


Gumpchy the Little Baha'i Bear is a delightfully refreshing story about a little bear and his family who move to the Australian bush...

High Desert, A Journey of Survival a nd Hope

one person's experience of growing up in an abusive home and learning to rely on her faith and spiritual beliefs to heal and grow in ways that go beyond traditional twelve-step programs and other approaches.

Hyacinths of Knowledge and Wisdom

A comprehensive compilation from the voluminous Writings of Bahá’u’lláh

Journey of Sorrow, Journey of Hope

the story of Shirin, a woman living in Persia in the mid-1800s, a time of great religious fervor

Khadijih Bagum, the Wife of the Báb

. This short account gives us a glimpse into the life of the wife of the Báb.


a compilation of Writings that offers spiritual and emotional healing for the various difficulties

RICH IN GEMS, A Compilation on Education

A compilation of selected Writings on education. The content covers a range of different topics.

Shoghi Effendi in Oxford, Persian languages

Shoghi Effendi was admitted to Balliol College at Oxford University, one of the greatest centres of learning in the world.

Shoghi Effendi Through the Pilgrim’s Eye

The story of the Guardian’s ministry from 1922 when the young Shoghi Effendi, just 24 years old, was charged with guiding the affairs of a worldwide Faith


This new translation is an extraordinary volume of compilation of explanations by Abdu'l-Baha of the tenets of the Baha'i Faith and of the Baha'i understanding of numerous Christian beliefs.

SPIRITUAL MOTHERING- Toward an Ever-Advancing Civilization

Essays written by parents around the world on themes vital to every parent and parent-to-be

Stories from the Cradle of the Faith(BP)

This book consists of six different narratives of individuals from the Iranian Baha'i community

Sweet One

Sweet One invites the reader into the thoughts of an expecting mother, who is dreaming of her unborn child

THE BAB- Persian

Critical examination of all the texts available on the life of the Báb and His disciples,

The Bahá’í Communities of Iran 1851-1921 Vol. 1 North of Iran

An account of the Baha’i communities in the northern half of Iran, province by province, during the early years of their formation and development.

The Beautiful Garden

Story book for very young children

The Game

Two friends realize that Justice and equality are best achieved through constructive and unifying strategies of social change.

The Insistent Self

The greatest challenge we face in striving to be spiritual beings is our “insistent self” or ego

The Kitab-i-Iqan, The Book of Certitude

A unique leather cover edition of The Kitab-i-Iqan, in Persian language.

The Revelation of Bahá’u’lláh Vol. 3 Persian edition

The Revelation of Bahá’u’lláh is a four volume series.

تاریخ امری یزد Tarikh-i-Amry-i-Yazd-The History of the Bahá’í Faith in Yazd

This book in Persian is published for the first time after written over 8 decades ago by Muhammad. Táhir-i-. Málmírí.